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Ezeith's Axton Tediore/Grenade Build

The main build can be found on my doc here. I won't go over skills, I already go over all of them on the doc.

Axton tediore.png

This build is made to be focused on Tediore chucking and grenade damage. It is a very high dps build providing you have the ammo capacity to support it.


  • Shield: Sovereign, Undying, Evergreen. Tanky shields are the best.
  • Grenade: Explosive Fastball or Wrecker are the 2 best options.
  • Relic: Tediore allegiance relic is the one you'll wear the most since its the biggest boost you can have for Tediore Reload. Ubiquity is a must have for sustainable dps via grenades and regen. Shock/explosive Bone of the Ancients when you want to do some grenade burst while turret is on cooldown.
  • Com: Legendary Grenadier. Nothing else.
  • Weapons: Laser Disker with mag prefix, Bulwark with mag prefix, Grog for healing, and Lacerta for actual explosive damage.

Ezeith's Axton Turret Build

The main build can be found on my doc here. I won't go over skills, I already go over all of them on the doc. 


This build is made to buff your turret to be as strong as possible with buffs, heals, and a few good weapon choices. Let me just say that if you think the turret build is bad, you're deeply wrong. The turret rework makes it a weapon of mass destruction, capable of downing raid bosses by itself, meaning you don't even have to actual deal damage to enemies to kill them. 


  • Shield: There's only one choice - Primrose. You need it for the very high cooldown rate reduction.
  • Grenade: Wrecker or Chain Lightning, used as healing paired with Grog.
  • Relic: Cooldown Reduction Relic is mandatory.
  • Com: Legendary Engineer provides a significant boost to your turret's dps and boosts your most useful skills
  • Weapons: Aries to generate transfusion while being able to melt shields. Salvation to heal your turret by directly shooting at it. Grog to heal yourself. Last slot is open to your choice.